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Juscht mountaincheese

Juscht mountaincheese

"Eifach en Juschte" is how the employees of the Vorderfultigen mountain cheese dairy have always described their specialty. The term is only used in the Seisler dialect and thus in the German-speaking canton of Fribourg and means "the just". So a good person is called "Juscht" or when something is just really good. What name could be more appropriate for this cheese? Despite its young age, the Juscht is quite substantial, but fresh and milky in taste. Therefore, the cheese reminds us of müeslimilk.  A real "Fresschäs" simply, from which one has not had enough for a long time after the first bite.

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Cheesemaker Pius Hitz is the manager of the mountain cheese dairy Vorderfultigen. In the hilly Gantrisch region between Bern, Fribourg and Thun, he produces 6-7 loaves of Le Gruyère AOP and a few loaves of "Jùscht" cheese every day. His dairy farmers are all within a radius of 1 kilometer. Hereby he can watch the cows grazing from the cheese dairy and make sure that the cows are healthy and free to graze.

Ingredients: Silo free raw milk, rennet, salt
Nutrition Facts (100 g): energy 1680 kJ (407Kcal), fat 53 g (of which syturated 21 g), carbohydrartes 0 g (of which sugar 0 g) , proteins 27 g, salt 1.5 g

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The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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