About us

A mission inspired by larch trees

Larches dominate the alpine landscape with a majestic spirituality that embodies culture and tradition.

We respect nature's speed: every day among this landscape, the small, independent producers continue to bring to the table a love, passion, and high-quality products made from traditional recipes.

A strong bond with the land is essential!

Just as the Larch changes with the season, offering the magnificence of rebirth and resilience, the artisans we select are precise and patient, ensuring high-quality and seasonal products.

We take pleasure in the small things that are made with passion and dedication. That's us, that's Larix!

“We aim at bringing food and happiness at every table, one Swiss artisanal product at a time.”

Alexandra, Head of Marketing

“With Larix I want to reach new heights and support our fantastic producers.”

Nicole, Versatile Talent

We envision a world in which small, independent producers can become a part of your daily menu.

We are proud of our work

We track down the best artisans for you

We never stop! We personally seek out artisans in the Swiss Alps, selecting only those that reflect our high standards, each with a unique cultural heritage and an experience to share.

We make the story behind each product accessible

Each choice is carefully curated, taking into account the smallest of details - we don't leave anything to chance. We go inside their workshops, visit their farms and learn about their authentic and sustainable production process in order to ensure only the best gourmet food from the Alps.

We bring the flavors and spirit of the Alps to your home.

A true explosion of flavor, emotions, and sensations that you can taste at every bite. Experience the Alps whenever you'd like!

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