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Bregaglia stagionato

Bregaglia stagionato

A semi-hard cheese with an intense and tasty flavour. It is made from organic, partly skimmed and thermised cow's milk, matured in a natural cellar, the Crotto. The paste is elastic, straw-ivory in colour with slight eye formation.

The cheese is aged in the Crotto, a typical Bregaglia cellar, for 6 to 12 months. This maturing favours the formation of a natural mould which is managed through careful care.

  • ca. 500 GR
  • ca. 1 KG
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A small dairy nestled in an alpine landscape, in the mountains of Val Bregaglia.
This is where the cooperative company Latteria Bregaglia delivers its milk, which is then processed into a wide variety of products, fresh and aged in the "Crotto", the typical cellar in Val Bregaglia. The seven members of the cooperative are long-standing organic dairy farmers who work daily to improve the farming conditions in order to provide an excellent raw material, namely milk made from hay and grass from the valley.

Ingredients: organic thermised cow milk, rennet, salt
Nutrition facts (100g): energy 1936 kJ (468 Kcal), fat 39g (of which saturated 29g), carbohydrates 0g (of which sugar 0g), proteins 29g, salt 1.8g

The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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