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Raw chocolate with hazelnuts,...

Raw chocolate with hazelnuts, buckwheat & orange

2 x 50G 60% cocoa raw chocolate made with cold-ground cocoa beans, hazelnuts, buckwheat groats and orange peel - This Hazelnut, Buckwheat and Orange bar is a tribute to the inventiveness that chocoholics have shown in times of economic crises. Inspired by two episodes in history when alternatives to cocoa became unavailable, this bar combines two delicious ideas that, in their time, brought a little chocolate sweetness to hard life. The creaminess of hazelnuts and the crunchiness of buckwheat are combined in one bar with the fruitiness of orange. To be enjoyed in times of crisis, but not only!

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In their chocolate factory, Sadé make an ancestral chocolate following a manufacturing process developed by the Aztecs and brought to Europe by the Spaniards in the 16th century. They roast their organic Colombian cocoa beans over a low heat, peel them off one by one and then grind them cold using a manual mill. This ancestral technique, which is done exclusively by hand, preserves all the personality of their cocoa and makes their chocolate unique with its crunchy, perfectly raw texture!

The team is delighted to showcase these chocolates and the lost traditions that they are reviving through LARIX.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Colombia), hazelnuts (Turkey), cocoa butter (Colombia), raw cane sugar (Peru), buckwheat (Switzerland), orange peel (Italy)

The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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