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Fibonacci n-1 Muscat Barrique Mini

Fibonacci n-1 Muscat Barrique Mini

5 CL

A noble drop of gin that was allowed to mature for several months in a Muscat barrique. It combines the harmonious and balanced sides of Fibonacci n-1 [fibonatschin-1], whose recipe follows the golden ratio of the Fibonacci series, with the fruity facets of the Muscat barrel. Amber in colour and with the elegance of French oak. An exquisite treat in a limited edition. Pure, as a gin and tonic or cocktail.

Alcohol content: 42%

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We are Nadine and Christian. Together we run our company Larix & Achillea KlG in the city of Zurich at the foot of the Üetliberg. This is where we lay the foundation for our various gins, which are produced by us purely by hand and in very small batches. Every single bottle is filled, labelled and then sealed by hand. We produce small batches of gin in our spare time with love and passion.

Our passion for gin includes not only collecting wild herbs, but also putting together tasty recipes that always follow the path of our philosophies and inspirations. That is why we have not dedicated ourselves to a single gin. In addition to Fibonacci n-1, we have our TiGinEau with juniper and wild herbs from the Ticino mountains, as well as the barrel-aged Fibonacci n-1 Muscat Barrique. And we are working on other seasonal recipes.

We attach great importance to high-quality raw materials for the production of our gins and use certified organic potable alcohol for the maceration. Most of our botanicals come from organic cultivation, some from wild collection and a few from our own garden.

We deliberately do not filter our gins because we want to preserve the diversity of natural flavours in them. Due to the high content of essential oils, our gins can therefore show a slight cloudiness (Louche effect), which is more pronounced at low temperatures.

To allow the gin to settle after distillation, we let it mature for a few months before bottling.

Ingredients: Juniper, various types of pepper, rosemary and sage from the garden, orange and lemon peel and many other botanicals.

The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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