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Vermicelles Brand
Dessert Niederönz, Bern

Three generations with over 50 years of experience are our seal of approval for the pursuit of pleasure and perfection. 

If your portion of Vermicelles was the best in the world, it had to have been "Vermicelles Brand".  

Nothing has changed in the production of Vermicelles over the past decades. Only the machines have become better today. Likewise, there is no secret in the recipe. The closest thing to a secret is the top quality of the raw materials. 

We use only four ingredients in our Vermicelles: Sweet chestnuts, sugar, citric acid and potassium. The latter serves as a preservative and accounts for only 0.01% per 100g. This is how we produce around 200 tonnes of chestnut puree a year, without any big frills or non-disclosure agreements... and the demand is growing. Because if you've eaten the best Vermicelles of your life, then it must have been Vermicelles Brand. 

Vermicelles Brand AG has always worked in harmony with nature and the environment. 

"From nut fruit to dessert

Throughout the year, sweet chestnuts are diligently transformed into the finest chestnut puree. Because Switzerland's most popular dessert is particularly enjoyed in autumn and winter, our vermicelles production runs at full speed from the end of June to the end of March.

The production itself has hardly changed in the last decades. Part of the chestnut puree production is still manual labour. The various machines merely serve to support and reduce the amount of effort required." 

Vermicelles Brand AG products are sold exclusively in selected retailers, cheese dairies, speciality shops, farm shops and are now also available online on LARIX. 

In the production of Vermicelles, we attach great importance to the recipe and the best quality in the selection and processing of products. See for yourself. You can easily order the products or make an enquiry. 

"Enrich your dessert menu

Our chestnut puree is versatile and can be used in any season. On our recipe page you will find inspiration and serving suggestions. Some recipes can be prepared days in advance. There are - almost - no limits to creativity."

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