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Apicoltura Chiesa Erminio
Honey Loderio, Ticino

My passion 
I have been breeding bees for years with joy, commitment and great curiosity about the incredible social organisation of these insects. The choice to practise a more respectful beekeeping towards bees, besides protecting the bee's freedom to live in an uncontaminated environment rich in biodiversity, is the indispensable basis for a quality product. Guarantees that meet the needs of all of us, lovers of local products and supporters of small producers.

My honey 
Made from my hives in the Blenio Valley, better known as the "Valley of the Sun". Its extensive woods, uncultivated areas, numerous meadows and pastures allow the bees to select a mixture of various nectars (chestnut, linden, pasture and woodland flowers) typical of the summer months. Flavours, scents and aromas characteristic of a variegated spontaneous flora typical of natural areas.

My bees 
The experience gained over two generations has led me to enhance the qualities of local bees and with particular attention to the protection of biodiversity. These bees adapt perfectly to our climate and flora, developing colonies with greater vitality. In order to produce a 500g pot of honey, bees have to fly around 30,000 flights and visit 1,200,000 flowers, thus making a major contribution to pollination.

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