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Formagella Ginepro

Formagella Ginepro

ca. 600 GR

Formagella is a semi-hard cheese of average dimensions which is typically produced in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Historically, cheese was considered as "real cheese" only if matured for more than 90 days. Since Formagella is usually aged between 1-3 months, it was named using diminutive noun of formaggio (i.e. cheese). 

Caseificio Töira produces the typical Formagella, which is rich in taste and flavours yet very delicate and creamy. Beside the typical Formagella, Töira produces an interesting variation of the classic product by adding juniper berries. Despite being just an additional simple ingredient, juniper berries increases the complexity of the flavours and needs definitely to be tried. Best enjoyed together with a refreshing Gin tonic!

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The farm Töira is located in the wonderful and sunny valley of Blenio, more precisely in Olivone on the main road leading to the Lukmanier Pass. Töira has always worked in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment and since 2007 operates in accordance with Bio Suisse Standards.Töira produces a wide variety of cheeses: from the classic semi-hard "formagella", to the hard "Sosto". Moreover, during summertime their cows graze in the breathtaking  grasslands on the Lukmanier Pass where their milk is transformed in the flavourful semi-hard cheese "Pian Segno". Besides the classic cheeses produced in the southern Alps of Switzerland, Töira produces also innovative and interesting options such as the juniper or nettle "formagella".Töira’s products are sold exclusively at their farm shop and are now also available online on LARIX. For real cheese lovers we recommend visiting their shop shop in Olivone early in the morning to observe the cheesemaker processing fresh milk. Töira also organises guided tours to explain and demonstrate all the stages of the cheese making process.

Ingredients: organic thermised milk, rennet, salt, juniper

Nutrition facts (100g): energy 1150 kJ (279 Kcal), fat 27g (of which saturated), carbohydrates <0.5 g="" of="" which="" sugar="" proteins="" 8="" 9g="" salt="" 1="" 5g="" p="">

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The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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