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in Bulgia

in Bulgia

10 Pack
Pus'ciavina in bulgia: the IPA pus'ciavina. Starting from the 19th century many people of Poschiavo emigrated, for work reasons, to Spain, England, France: they left with the bulgia, that is a small improvised baggage. Even today the poschiavini outside the valley are called pus'ciavin in Bulgia. Also the IPA was created in England in the same period to be exported to India. This is how pus'ciavina in bulgia was born: amber beer, herbaceous and fruity aroma, strong bitterness but balanced by the sweetness of malts. Get on the Pacifich Express and enjoy a fresh Indian Pale Ale.

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Birreria Pacific was founded in Poschiavo in 2015 by Ueli Schläpfer from Basel. In 2020, the brewery was acquired by Luca Battilana and Alice Raselli and renamed Pacifich. 

The couple had been experimenting with beers and spirits for friends and family for several years. Pacifich was the right opportunity to turn a dream into reality. 

Our products must be genuine and must offer a unique experience to those who taste them.Since they are artisanal products, every step of the process is done by hand (from harvesting the fruit or flowers to grinding the malt and labeling). The beer must not be filtered or pasteurized: it must be “raw”. Only in this way is it possible to produce a living product, where the yeasts continue their life cycle at the bottom of the bottle. Each sip will be characterized by a different taste and aroma. By not using filtration, we have obtained a beer with unaltered nutritional properties by highlighting the qualitative potential of the ingredients used.

(6.1% vol) water, barley malt, aromatic hops, yeast

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The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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