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Assorted pralines box

Assorted pralines box

The chocolates that make up this assortment are handmade using the best chocolates from Central America and the Gulf of Guinea. The ganaches that make up the inside of these chocolates are made without preservatives or artificial flavours and will enchant your palate with their balance and special flavours.

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Du Rhône is the oldest chocolate producer in Geneva. It all began in 1875, when Mr. Pertuiset opened his chocolate shop in the emblematic Rue Du Rhône. He quickly established the reputation of his establishment, particularly among the best society of the Belle Epoque.

The irresistible delicacies of their chocolate factory conquered the world. Archival documents reveal that Winston Churchill, J.F. Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Colette, General de Gaulle, Dwight Eisenhower, among others, were among the Du Rhône clientele. Ribbons bearing the symbol of the King of Spain were also found in the laboratory.

In 2018, the famous writer Joël Dicker took over the management of Du Rhône, and in 2022 he joined forces with Jacot Haute Chocolaterie in the canton of Neuchâtel. Together, they want to offer the best of Haute Chocolaterie, with a touch of crazy from the brilliant Master Chocolatier David Paganel.

Their vision? To make you discover rare beans, unique recipes and "hand-made" personalisations. A world where excellence is combined with respect for a sustainable value chain. Their desire? Awaken your senses to Haute Chocolaterie!

All their chocolates are made in Geneva and contain no palm oil or preservatives. Discover Grands Crus and subtle, personalised, hand-packed bites. Their cocoas are grown under the FAIR DIRECT CACAO label.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass 38% min, cocoa butter, passion fruit pulp, dairy butter, cream, Kalamansi pulp, whole milk powder, shelled cocoa beans (11%), skimmed milk powder, crystal glucose, sorbitol powder, invert sugar, dextrose, dry butter, wheat flour, sunflower and rapeseed fat, sunflower and soya lecithin, salt, malt extract, raising agent, Madagascar vanilla, Timut pepper, Tonka bean, Copa Cabana tea (blood orange, mango), pectin, sodium salt.

The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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