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Nestled in Blenio Valley, Fabbrica di birra St. Salvatore SAGL is a beacon in the global beer renaissance, ignited by the seventies' "Craft Beer Revolution." As a key player among thirty craft microbreweries in Italian-speaking Switzerland, St. Salvatore passionately contributes to the region's beer culture alongside "Selvatici" in Malvaglia.

Beyond crafting exceptional beers, St. Salvatore invites enthusiasts to uncover the stories behind the brews and the motivations of Blenio Valley brewers. This commitment is marked by a significant investment of resources, reflecting a dedication to elevating beer appreciation and awareness.

With historical roots dating back to the 19th century, St. Salvatore stands as a symbol of an entrepreneurial era when beer shaped the valley's employment landscape. Today, amidst technological advances, the brewery remains devoted to preserving beer's rich tradition—a timeless tribute to the industrial age that once defined Blenio Valley. Embark on a brief journey with St. Salvatore, from renowned pilsners to diverse craft beers, and savor the enduring allure of this ancient elixir.

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