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Mönchaltorfer Senftopf and Mönchaltorfer Homemade – that's us

With origin from Düsseldorf and have been living in Switzerland for 16 years now. Most of you probably know Düsseldorf for its Altbier or the 'longest bar in the world,' the Old Town. But Düsseldorf is also a mustard city. It offers a wide variety of unique mustard flavors. To this day, a few small mustard mills have been preserved. Our connection to mustard stems from this tradition.

We started in September 2013 with our first mustard variety, and we now have over 30 varieties in our range. Additionally, we offer fruit vinegars, including acetos, herb oils, olive-based appetizers, pestos, pickled garlic, tomatoes in olive oil, and other specialties in our portfolio. Among them, you will also find a range of vegan products.

One product group is particularly close to our hearts – our birch sugar products. These include tomato and curry ketchup, seasonal fruit spreads, Zältlis (a type of candy), chewing gum, syrups, a hazelnut-chocolate spread based on rapeseed oil instead of palm oil, a chestnut spread, and much more. We also produce various liqueurs with birch sugar. Birch sugar is the sweetener used in all these products. We source our birch sugar directly from Finland and do not use alternative products from other manufacturers. The latest addition to our birch sugar product family is our spelt granola with birch sugar. We offer our granola in natural, coconut, chocolate, and gluten-free varieties. All four flavors are completely sugar-free.

For all our products, production takes place entirely in-house at our location in Mönchaltorf, from A to Z. My wife, Jacqueline, is the creative mind behind the recipes. Our products are made without chemicals. We do not use preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors, and, above all, no sugar. Where possible, we use local or regional raw materials. Additionally, we are very actively involved in food waste reduction and collaborate with various initiatives. Our products have organic quality but are not certified as we aim to keep them affordable. This is part of our concept.

Our motto is: We want to produce a good product, as natural as possible, at a fair price.

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