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Öufi Box

Öufi Box

Refresh yourself with a mix of different Öufi beers. This box is perfect for beer enthusiasts and casual get-togethers with friends. Discover a unique assortment of flavors: Öufi Lager Hell, light and pleasant; Öufi Südfuss, intense and malty; Öufi Organic Red Beer, with caramelized malts. A diverse selection for every palate. Enjoy these Öufi beers during your moments of relaxation and add a special touch to your gatherings.

(4x Öuefi Lager Hell, 4x Öufi Südfuss, 2x Öuefi Organic Red Beer)
10 x 33 CL

CHF 24.00
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Our brewery is deeply rooted in the region and has grown to become an employer for 15 people from the local community. Brewing apprentices are trained in our brewery. We strive to work with local suppliers as much as possible. The packaging of our beer is handled by a local foundation for people with mental disabilities.

Our beers are brewed and bottled with the utmost care using the most modern facilities. Since the inauguration of our new brewery with a 30 hl brewhouse and its own filling plant in 2015, we have been able to further improve our quality. The Öufi brewers are true artists and pull more than 40 beer specialities out of their hats - or rather their heads and hearts - every year.

The Öufi brewery, named after the "Solothurn city number 11", opened its beer taps punctually on 11.11.2000 and since then it is hard to think away (or drink away :)

Some Öufi beers are awarded the "Mittellandmalz" and "Bio Suisse" quality labels.

Ingredients: Öufi Lager Hell: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen & Hefe Alkohol 4.7 % vol; Öufi Südfuss: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen & Hefe Alkohol 5.2 % vol; Öufi BIO-Rotbier: Wasser, Bio-Gerstenmalz, Bio-Hopfen & Hefe Alkohol 5.1 % vol; Öufi Chlausen: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hefe & Gewürze Alkohol 4.9 % vol

The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
The producers prepare your order and they will send it to you themselves
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